Worlds Largest Drag Queen Show in Seattle, USA 0

Guavo sponsor message: What happens when a group of 42 drag queens and a drag king all gather in the one nightclub to sing and dance through a medley of dance-floor hits spanning four decades of time… well, a new world record gets set thats what! At Neighbours Nightclub in Seattle,

Niaz Hunzai in Pakistan – ‘The Hidden Ustad’ 0

Guavo sponsor message: In the language of Urdu, the word ‘Ustad’ is given to describe ‘an expert or highly skilled person… especially a musician’ – well, Niaz Hunzai based in Lahore, Pakistan is quite an exceptional and very much ‘Hidden Ustad’ in our opinion, who our team heard about and then

Steve Tarrant in UK – the Motorsport Marshal on a Mobility Scooter 0

Guavo Sponsor message: Steve Tarrant, 53 from Poole, is a remarkable disabled motorsport marshal, who has achieved a new World Record at Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, by driving a TGA mobility scooter the furthest distance ever in 24 hours. Steve became disabled following a serious motorsport accident in 2000 that resulted

Dan Whitby in UK- jumps Bournemouth pier 0

Guavo Sponsor message: We know a thing or two about action-packed, adrenalin-fueled stunts, and they don’t get better that this one which we were forced to keep under our hats when we heard it was going to happen many weeks before its execution. ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent star and extreme freestyle

Manfred Zbrzezny in Liberia- Making ART not War since 2007… 0

Guavo sponsor message: We heard about Fyrkuna Metalworks in Monrovia, Liberia though our colleague Nico who sent us photos of Manfred Zbrzezny’s sculptures, which transform weapons of war into artworks of beauty. Manfred recycles the decommissioned AK-47s, M16s, RPG launchers, pistols, rifles and other deadly arms into art. He turns man’s

Tom Lackey in UK – the 94 years (young) Wing Walker does it again! 0

Guavo sponsor Message: Fearless grandfather Tom Lackey made history this week yet again (May 22) when he became the first person to wingwalk from Land’s End to the Isles of Scilly – and all on his 94th birthday. Wonderful Grand fathers everywhere are all legendary and worthy of celebration, but when

Randy Ricci and his collection of NASCAR cereal boxes in USA 0

Photo: PD / Randy Ricci Video Filmed / Edited by: Craig Lifto Guavo Sponsor message: Here in Guavo land, it’s clear we love incredible collections! In this case it all started in 1991 when Randy Ricci of Santa Rosa, California (USA) was shopping in his local grocery store. While walking in

The International ‘Great Cloth Diaper Awareness’ Event – worldwide 0

Guavo Sponsor message: 2013 video infomercial produced by So Green Baby. The Real Diaper Association (RDA) is a nonprofit global organization now in its tenth year of supporting families in using reusable cloth diapers. RDA trains volunteers to workdirectly in their communities to help families face-to-face, and also provides research and

Largest ever Shaikh Zayed Sand Portrait unveiled by artist in Dubai, UAE 0

Guavo sponsor message: Dubai and the wider UAE regions have been for some time committed and dedicated to unveiling some of the worlds best and most unique creations and works of art. This week in the middle of the deserts of Dubai the largest picture ever painted of the late Shaikh

Most Centenarians in one place – a celebration of life in Florida, USA 0

100 year old Helen Monteyne (USA) enjoying the celebrations. Guavo Sponsor message: There is continuous debate around areas of society worldwide on the topics of growing old, our longevity and all-round health and wellbeing in the world we live in today and also the secrets to ageing gracefully and most importantly

Zhora the Football Juggler from Moscow State Circus 0

Guavo sponsor message: With the build-up to the Football World Cup in Brazil about to commence, what better way to ‘KICK-OFF’ (pun intended!) the excitement with a unique ‘world’s 1st’ display of footballing trickery. 

 There have been many different world records relating to ‘Keepie Uppie’ or ‘Keep Up’s’, ranging from

DJ Matt Howes in UK: 1 DJ, 1 Arm, 4 Decks… Limitless Talent 0

Guavo Sponsor message: DJ Matt Howes (UK) is a Pro-DJ and what he can do with 2 Pioneer decks keeps the people on the dance-floors happy worldwide… and over the years he has had the opportunity to play at some of the best nightclubs around the globe. In late 2013 he

Peter Glazebrook unveils GIANT cauliflower in UK 0

Guavo sponsor message: Peter Glazebrook is 69 years old and has become a bit of a celebrity-figure amongst giant vegetable growers worldwide. If you like to grow… then you’d be sure to know… who this Jedi Knight of the vegetable world is. And if not, then here’s your introduction! Recently he

Soul Flyers base-jump from worlds tallest building – in Dubai 0

Guavo Sponsor message: After being mesmerised by the above video, as put together by the Dubai Films production team on the ground in UAE… imagine this if you can: You spend months of training and preparation and then one day the day arrives for you to do something not many people

Ernesto Gainza lands the world’s smallest Parachute in Dubai 0

Guavo Sponsor message: Ernesto Gainza is an extreme athlete and probably well described as one of the world’s many highly calculated daredevils. This weekend on Saturday 5th of April 2014 at exactly 6.15pm he successfully landed a 35 square foot parachute… officially the smallest in the world as achieved by any

#FISHFoodForThought – Donna Pascoe in New Zealand reels in HUGE Tuna Fish 0

No woman in New Zealand has caught a bigger fish than this giant Pacific bluefin tuna that New Zealand-based (Auckland) Donna Pascoe reeled in recently after an epic four-hour battle – and she may have also landed herself a fishing world record! What you see in the video footage above captured

The Adam Walker Football Memorabilia Collection FOR SALE 0

A vast collection of football memorabilia belonging to a devoted Liverpool fan who tragically passed away last year after a long battle with Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis, is being made available for purchase this month onwards via from the 31st March 2014. This online sale features over 200 football

UK female Taekwon-Do champ smashes 1000 Roof Tiles real fast 0

GUAVO SPONSOR MESSAGE: Former World ITF TaeKwon-Do champion, Lisa Dennis (40) has literally ‘smashed’ a new World Record crushing 1000 clay roof tiles with her bare hands in just 83.98 seconds!   Lisa, from Croydon, smashed the target of 90 seconds, to set the brand new new World Record and she now

Tameru Zegeye – The Fastest Man on Earth – ON CRUTCHES! 0

GUAVO SPONSOR MESSAGE: Like Usain Bolt, Tameru can also say he is the Fastest Man on Earth… but ON CRUTCHES! This week, in the small town of Furth in Germany he ran the fastest 100m on Earth… but it was not in an athletics stadium and there weren’t the crowds of

ARM-powered Robot vs Rubiks Cube in UK 0

GUAVO SPONSOR MESSAGE: Here at Guavo HQ we love technology… and it doesn’t get better than a robot story to get us excited! Now meet the CUBESTORMER 3 robot which very impressively uses ARM-powered processor technology to be able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the fastest time known to mankind.

This week we made the World Smile with our WALNUTS VIDEO FOOTAGE 0

SPONSOR MESSAGE: Chances are that one of our latest quirky good news feature videos made you smile this week… you may have caught the story on your travels as it was being spoken about on Australian TV, or you may have seen the video appear across Sky News, The Telegraph online,

Philippe Gillet – the real-life Indiana Jones of France 0

GUAVO SPONSOR MESSAGE: When you reach the home of Philippe Gillet in France you are greeted with a sign that reads: BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS! Chez Philippe Gillet, 61 years old now, lived his childhood in Madagascar in Africa where he dedicated his early life to the welfare and conservation of all

Mazda’s ‘Real Challengers’ campaign in UK 0

‘Mazda’s heritage is littered with examples of how the brand has taken a different approach to making things better. Their current SKYACTIV philosophy, for instance, is unique in favouring sophisticated engineering and comprehensive weight saving over the simple turbocharging of smaller engines as a means of improving economy and emissions without

Asha ‘Iron Queen’ Rani – the Iron Man’s apprentice in UK 0

Guavo Sponsor: This week UK based ‘Strong-Woman-in-training’ Asha Rani displayed another feat of incredible female strength as she builds towards the launch of an independent international charity project she is fronting called ‘SAVE THE GIRLS’ – the charity is set up to help inspire and support women in need in parts

Damien Walters in UK – 360 degrees Loop on two legs 0

When you mention Free-Running and the kind of urban street gymnastics that may have initially been made famous by the likes of Jackie Chan and those classic Kung Fu movies from yesteryear, there is one name that may not be as well known in the mainstream, but is definitely someone who

Spoek Mathambo in South Africa – Vodafone #First with tribal communities 0

Spoek Mathambo is from Soweto in South Africa and is regarded as one of many national musical pioneers of his generation making truly global waves. Innovative music artist, producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper defined by his fusion of a wide array of musical influences and his coining of the term ‘Township Tech’

Victor and Gabriela Peralta in Buenos Aires, Argentina 0

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… but in the chaotic and rather unstable climates worldwide wherever love appears it really must be celebrated as much as possible, and wherever possible in our humble opinions! In Buenos Aires, Argentina and in wider Latin American cultures as well as

Cheeky Charleston Dance and ‘Knees-Up’ mass gathering in Australia 0

They aptly called it the ‘Blue Mountains Charleston Challenge’ and this month over 300 people based in the Blue Mountains region of Leura in Australia gathered together, all dressed in the style of ‘The Great Gatsby’ era in the 1920’s and also setting a world record for the largest Charleston dance

Cassie and Luther – A very ‘Wild’ Valentines in Florida, USA 0

Valentines Love is truly in the air at ‘Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo‘ in Florida, USA. ZooKeepers at Dade City’s Wild Things this week set up a romantic environment especially for Valentines week to include roses, table cloth and dishes filled with choice meats – “BONE-A-PETITE” if you like… for their

Lee Musselwhite – the UK BMX ‘stunts’ maverick with plentiful tricks 0

Lee Musselwhite is a UK based urban sports maverick who is showcasing many original tricks as part of his repertoire, inventing news ones regularly. A professional BMX Flatland rider, current 2x UK Flatland Champion & a world record holder who competes and performs shows at the highest level all over the

Mary Kom in India launches #First national Female Fight Club app 0

(VIDEO PLAYER MAY TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO LOAD ABOVE DEPENDING ON YOUR CONNECTION SPEED) It still amazes us how effective and easy it is now to reach anyone on any part of Planet Earth – be it online, Skype, by phone, fax, satellite or via digital apps such as whatsapp

Dumitrita Tudorache from Romania enters UK for a very unique job 0

As Britain braced itself for an influx of Romanian workers on the 1st of January 2014 one ingenious Romanian girl had an idea of a way to come & work in the UK and land herself a slightly alternative, yet dream job that not many other people were rushing forward to

Adventure-loving female firefighter – Robyn Benincasa in USA 0

Robyn Benincasa accepts full blame for inspiring people to do insane things like climb Mount Kilimanjaro, run their first triathlon, start their own adventure racing teams, or start their own businesses. This is, after all, who she is and what she does: Robyn Benincasa inspires people to do amazing things. But

Happy Nude Rear in New Zealand… Skinny Dipping into 2014 0

This week many countries around the globe displayed some incredible firework shows to close the year of 2013 and bring in the new. Dubai significantly achieved the worlds largest fireworks display and there have been countless amounts of postings of video footage and photos from spectacular local displays in all regions

Lia Grimanis – The Canadian ‘Adventure-preneur’ inspiring Women worldwide 0

On the morning of December 12th Lia Grimanis of Toronto, in Canada went live on national TV network ‘Canada AM’ and pulled a 8,100 KG truck over a distance of 30 metres. Quite the unusual way to spend the morning of your 42nd birthday too, but then Lia is on a

Dancing Santas in the sun in Coffs Harbour, Australia 0

As the festive season creeps up on us all, people worldwide are building-up towards local celebrations with plenty of fun, food, laughter and dancing taking place. In line with this we have homed in on one local town centre in sunny Coffs Harbour in Australia. Christmas season is generally linked to

Kevin Silva: Worlds largest collection of Batman memorabilia in USA 0

“Holy Batman Collection!” … and for fans of Batman and the wider super-hero genres worldwide you will appreciate this opener as we introduce you to Kevin Silva… an ordinary man living in Indiana, USA who by day fixes amplifiers and electronics, and by night he heads to his very own bat

Kona Hellier in UK – Jumps the highest height on a BMX Bike 0

Kona Hellier is a lesser known pro BMX biker to some of his counterparts worldwide. Himself based in Devon in the UK and so far existing in the shadows of the likes of other major UK talents such as Kye Forte… but not for long! He just this week clocked the

Santa Claus (Kevin Fast) in Canada – World’s Heaviest Sleigh pull for charity 0

This week internationally renowned strongman from Canada – Kevin Fast, appeared in Cobourg, Canada dressed in the full attire as Santa Claus. He has made history yet again by pulling the world’s heaviest sleigh ever completed by a Santa. Kevin, also known as “the power-lifting Pastor” already holds multiple records for

Anastasia IV -the female ‘Hair-Cules’ from ‘Circus of Horrors’ show in London, UK 0

By | November 19, 2013

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A Hair-culian woman who has lifted some of the greatest weights with the power of her hair this week put on another Incredible live display of her skills on the streets of Central London. The above video is exclusive footage displaying her unique skills during training for what she achieved this

‘Forever Lazy’ 1-km run in their onesies in USA 0

By | November 19, 2013

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Forever Lazy is a website in the US who retail in onesie pajamas. Founded in 2009 they are a quirky group of ‘onesie’ fanatics who have made their work their passion – with the main aspect of the work being spreading the joy of ‘laziness and comfort’ worldwide. Onesies have become

Mike Newman in UK + The Fastest Blind Speeds on Land + Water 0

Mike Newman, 52 is quite the remarkable man. Alongside his great team – Speed of Sight – and his army of supporters and fans he has managed to achieve some great records over the last 12 years, and recently he has set not one but two simultaneous world records for the

DJ Shintaro of Japan – Red Bull Thre3style World Champ 2013 0

Japan’s DJ Shintaro took the ‘Red Bull Thre3style’ title this week in Toronto, Canada… the world’s biggest DJ competition, beating 16 other DJs and also becoming the competition’s youngest champion. The 24-year old is also the first Japanese DJ to win the event. The young DJ only found out he had

Ahmed Valentino in Norway – The ‘Iron Man’ of Calisthenics 0

Have you ever heard of a Flying Push-up? This video will show you exactly what it is… and if you try and attempt it, chances are you will find it a challenge to reach a height of anywhere close to 1.36m. What Ahmed shows us in this video is that with

Maria Cristerna: The Mexican ‘VJ’ Vampire in Vienna, Austria 0

Maria Cristerna is a striking human aesthetic – a living, breathing canvas if you like. When you refer to modern body art or modification sub-cultures worldwide; Maria aka: ‘The Mexican Vampire Lady’ reigns as Queen. Having spent considerable time in her company this weekend, I would go as far as even

Leandro Granato- The artist who creates art with his eyes in Argentina 0

So when we were contacted about this publicity feature for one of the world’s most unique artists living and exhibiting his work in Latin America, we were intrigued. When he told us his story and mentioned he is doing what he does to raise money for charities in his home country

DJ Matt Howes in UK: One of the World’s only ‘One-Armed’ Pro-DJ’s 0

GUAVO SPONSOR MESSAGE: * EDITORIAL NOTE: In the above video the Limbless-Association charity may have been incorrectly interpreted as ‘the only’ charity working in their remit, however they are one of many charities providing information and support to UK amputees and the limb-loss community. Matt is also ‘one of’ the charities

Jordy Geller and his million-dollar Nike ‘SHOE-ZEUM’ in USA 0

Shoe fanatic Jordy Geller, 36, has put his incredible collection of 2,500 plus Nike trainers onto eBay and hopes to raise $1 million. Having refused several outright offers below the million-dollar valuation, his ebay sale is officially the largest sale of it’s kind online. Geller from Los Angeles in the USA,

Zack ‘King’ Khan- UK’s best IFBB Pro-Bodybuilding talent 0

When the press got in touch they were fixated on the angle: ‘UK’s 1st Muslim Pro-Bodybuilder’ – which is factually correct… but does it really matter what religion you practice when you achieve success? It’s like saying ‘First person with 6 fingers to run a marathon’ – but one thing it

Nissan Patrol 4WD vehicle tows 170.9-ton cargo plane in UAE 0

Here is a spectacular recent publicity stunt courtesy of the Nissan brand promotions in the Middle East… where the sturdy four-wheel drive vehicle model of the ‘Nissan Patrol’ successfully towed a 170.9 ton jet at the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. This footage was filmed live at the

Juggling whilst swallowing a sword with Luther Bangert in USA 0

You may not be familiar with the name Luther Bangert yet… but he’s certainly gaining a lot of attention online for being quite the eccentric and entertaining variety performer extraordinaire… he also quite often gets referred to as “the enigmatic Luther Bangert” with the style to match. Not one to be

Unicycle Stunts Battle with the Poham Brothers in Toulouse, France 0

The Extreme Unicycle Championships is an annual event that started small and is now a key part of the wider program at the very popular ‘European Juggling Convention’ – this year being the 36th edition of the fun-filled (and quite hedonistic!) festival. This festival could well be the ‘Burning Man’ of